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sonia6349's Journal
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Tuesday, September 4th, 2012
9:49 am
There is a first time for everything
An update. It took a few months but I finally secured my first job as a nurse! I am working part time at an adult day care center. The people are nice and friendly, mostly seniors, and I tend to any medical needs that might come up. Vital signs, insulin injections, etc. I can't quit my day job yet, but, it's a start.

I am truly grateful for and have been humbled by my wonderful experience so far. I feel really, really good and of value for the first time in a while. I'd like to thank everyone here for your unwavering support thru my journey. It's the beginning of a new phase in my life and I am soooo looking forward to it!

Current Mood: bouncy
Thursday, June 7th, 2012
2:36 pm
Good news for once!
Tosilver_cyanne my Bestie, MAZEL TOV, on her promotion! Brilliant, beautiful, healthy, well-employed and highly favored. Hehehehehehe! Congrats, honey!

Current Mood: giggly
Friday, June 1st, 2012
2:41 pm
Another else having trouble with Tumblr? I can't get any images to load.
Thursday, May 17th, 2012
9:55 am
"Elementary" Sherlock series on CBS
Yes, I am a slasher, but, that isn't why I'm against this version.

The reason I am against the premise is the same reason they turned Watson into a female. True intimacy between two men is sooo scary to Americans that Watson being male would be "NO FREAKING WAY, DUDE!!" to TV executives and some of the public.

The same old thing will happen, "SEXUAL TENSION Will they sleep together?" Oy vey BORING.

The only saving grace is that Jonny Lee Miller is actually British and using his real accent in the show, thank the Lord *sigh* Another thing I'm tired of is all the people from the Commonwealth and Ireland being cast as Americans. I live in NYC. I work with 21 people , of which 13 are not American born and have a variety of accents. Why cast Simon Baker, Jason Issacs or Jason O'Mara and make them speak like they come from Iowa (not that there is anything wrong with that) It's lazy writing IMHO.

I hope the show is a success, mainly because Lucy and Jonny need it to be. I probably won't be watching because I'm stubborn and evil.

BTW, I'm NOT obsessed with Martin Freeman, I'm just intensely focused on every breath he takes.

Current Mood: grumpy
Wednesday, April 4th, 2012
9:30 am
Tuesday, March 20th, 2012
11:57 am
Dear "Friends",

When I tell you I have achieved the status of Registered Nurse and I am very proud of myself, please do me a favor and DO NOT SAY the following things:

"You should go on to medical school, nursing is easy"

"You have an Associate Degree? You'll never get a job with JUST that!"

"My friend's cousin's ex-boyfriend's sister's daughter graduated in 2008, and, still looking for a job"

"I know two people who got nursing jobs and they are drug addicted vampires who we never see because they work 17 hour shifts"

I understand life is not all whipped cream and cherries (I save those times for Tim dekay and Martin Freeman) but could you hold off on the Debbie Downer stuff until the ink is dry on my license?

Sonia R.N.
Wednesday, March 7th, 2012
12:16 pm
Tangerine is the "in" color for spring and summer. Ok, some of us will look like giant, moving road cones if we try this one. I'm gonna have to say nyet.

Current Mood: contemplative
Monday, March 5th, 2012
9:46 am
So, I did it. I am a registered nurse. Besides loving the best man in the world, this is best thing I've ever accomplished. I thank everyone here for their support and love. It's meant a lot to me xxxooo
Tuesday, January 31st, 2012
9:40 am

Let's have some fun this morning!

Meme snagged from

I'm running a test to see who's reading my posts. So, if you read this, leave me a one-word comment about your day that starts with the third letter of your LJ USERNAME. Only one word please. Then repost so I can leave a word for you. Don't just post a word and not copy - that's not as much fun!

Current Mood: crazy
Wednesday, January 11th, 2012
10:19 am
Time to admit the truth
I've become smitten...AGAIN. I'm watching "Person of Interest" with Jim Cavaziel and Michael Emerson.

I love the stories, the mystery of the two men. All of it. Am I enamored of the big beautiful John Reese?

Nope my life would be too simple. I love the little, broken billionaire who plays his boss, Harold Finch.

OMG, I want Hurt!Finch and rageful Reese, killing and protecting what is clearly his.

BUTTONS INSTALLED AND FIRMLY PUSHED. I'm fried like a big, juicy steak.

Current Mood: bouncy
Wednesday, December 28th, 2011
1:03 pm
TODAY IS THE DAY!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO agt_spooky Still a youngin" compared to most. Have a day, sweetheart!

Thursday, December 15th, 2011
6:04 pm
I did it. I have graduated from nursing school. Two words = pure joy.

Thank you to everyone for all your support :-D

Current Mood: ecstatic
Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011
10:12 am
I insisted last night that the mannequin in our nursing simulation be named "Martin Freeman". I played the patient's wife. For a half hour last night I was married to Martin and pregnant with his twins. Pure Heaven *sigh*

He's so beautiful....

Monday, November 14th, 2011
9:44 am
One down to go and my current status
One of my three classes ended last week. I did very, very well. Yay me!! If I can push on to December 16th I'm graduating.

I wangled a two week leave of absence from work to deal with all the studying and test taking of the first two weeks of December.

Send good vibes, people!!

In other news, I can't hear a damn thing. Back, legs and abdomen are killing me. My tongue is FURRY and my hair is quite "African" right now. What happened? Was I hit by a bus?

NOPE. Foo Fighters at MSG last night.

Third row blowing kisses to Pat Smear and Taylor Hawkins. Best show I've seen in YEARS. Dying with a grin on my sore face ♥

Hope all is well in your lands.

Current Mood: exhausted
Monday, September 26th, 2011
11:55 am
Having a hard time working with this idea

Peyton Manning not back until 2012

This really hurts.

Current Mood: distressed
Wednesday, July 27th, 2011
4:54 pm
Random Fandom and RL rolled into one

Sorry I've sort of disappeared.  RL health issues are making life icky. My body doesn't like me very much right now :(

I can always hide in fandom.


I like the character Auggie Anderson (Covert Affairs): No, it's not just the abs. Ok, that's a lie but I really love it when he FIGHTS. Muy caliente! A blind man taking down a terrorist should not be this hot but it IS. Then again, can you imagine what he could do when he could SEE?

Baby, now that Momma feels a little better, you in DANGER, Boy! *growls*

Tim DeKay is freaking beautiful, sweet, funny and kind to animals. I want one for Christmas. I was really starting to worry that my favorite show had lost it's mojo but last night was delicious.
And excuse me? BAMF!JONES. Oh yes!

There aren't words for that beautiful conversation with Neal last night *eyes well up* Oh, goodness.

Peter is my *Daddy* and honey, I AIN'T his daughter... It's hot in here, right? At my age, I can't tell....

Now for my new shiny man:



Martin Freeman is made of everything I LONG for. He's perfect. I've fallen for him. Hard.

I'm watching everything he's been in that I can get my hands on. Jeez, is he talented ^-^

Falling for him is sooo me lol.

The extraordinarily beautiful Benedict Cumberbatch? Nope, I want to one next to him, in the jumper and with a button nose.

The gorgeous Matt Bomer? He's sweet but I want the Big Hunk of Burning Love next to him.

It's always been that way.

Well, ok, it was Blair over Jim in the Sentinel but I was younger then *snort*

Hoping all is well with you and yours.

Good to be back!

Thursday, July 7th, 2011
12:49 pm
I really, really want to do this:

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011
9:21 am
Thursday, June 30th, 2011
10:06 am
I can't even.......

In tears over his beauty.....
Friday, June 24th, 2011
10:59 pm
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